Soul Mentoring successes

After an individual session, success and improvement can quickly occur: Increased vitality & life energy, improved health, more self-love & self-acceptance, dissolution of blockages or the reduction of stress. The successes can be scientifically visualized with a GDV camera. A GDV camera visualizes the energetic radiation of the body and provides an insight into the psychological, physical and energetic body. The evaluation shows the improved values of the client, Laura H, 32 years, communication manager. This rapid improvement, such as higher vitality and better health, occurred after only one session.

Here is an excerpt of the coaching successes with the client, Laura H., 32 years, communication manager.


Energy reserve

Within one session, the energy reserve changed from very low to a healthy energy reserve.

Stress level

The client's stress level was worrying before the session, after soul mentoring the stress level was optimal.

Organ level

Before the 1:1 coaching there was a very large organ imbalance, which stabilized to an optimal balance after a single session.

Corresponds to in increase in life energy of 185 % only after one session!

The orange outline reflects the actual state of the individual body functions, immune system, cardiovascular system, and so on, before the healing session.. The purple outline illustrates the actual state after only one healing session Almost in all areas the values improve.

After just 1:1 coaching, the energy reserve in individual cells improves and the immune system, cardiovascular system and other basic body functions are strengthened.