Bachelor: «Kulturwissenschaften» (Schwerpunkt Wirtschaftssoziologie und Wirtschaftsethik)

Master «International Management»

Training as Soul Mentor & Coach: Ellen Michels Academy (2009)

Online Healing Mentoring Training: Ellen Michels Academy (2020)

Mother of two wonderful children

In my early 20s, as a student, I went in search of inner peace, stability, serenity and vitality. But on this path, I was quickly disappointed by the offers: Conversation with experts, positive thinking, healthy eating, yoga or the change of mindset, didn’t really move me forward. I realized that, that most of these methods only focus on body and mind. However, I also understood that the mind cannot suppress and dissolve thoughts and feelings. Finally, I came across the Ellen Michels Academy and trained as a soul mentor. This training surpassed everything I had tried so far, because the problems were dissolved within. During the training many inhibiting thoughts and feelings dissolved and my soul unleash its power. Through my purer and freer soul, my life energy automatically rises, which directly has a positive influence on my environment. Thanks to my soul quality, for example, the cognitive and social development of my children benefit extraordinarily: Already at the age of five months, my children could pronounce "Mama" clearly, shortly after her second birthday, my daughter could recognize the numbers & all letters. These positive cognitive developments are also recognized by their pediatricians. These miracles are also possible with you & your environment, if you let your divine spark unfold again!

I am very much looking forward to meeting you!